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*Perogies are available in Bulk or for Retail Sale Price varies*


Our delivery schedule to Vancouver is on Thursdays

*Minimum order required*


Old Look



As many of you may already know that our PEROGIES AND PELMENI is our main Specialty that  brings back memories of home, fresh produce and wholesome foods.


Always prepared with fresh ingredients, each handmade, full of love and care for the well being of our fans.


We are confident that our products will bring extreme success and increase in new customers for you, because of our commitment to superior quality, product authenticity and most importantly, incredible traditional taste.


Unlike big manufacturers our Perogies are prepared in small batches where we closely control and remain top quality from start to finish.


Today we make over 15 kinds of Perogies following the tradition and love to a perfect comfort food that can satisfy even the most sophisticated lovers of a good cuisine.











Traditional Russian Dumplings

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